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AppYourCar is the first ever smartphone gear specifically designed to give you an easy and safe way to use your smartphone in your car.


AppYourCar gives you direct control of all your favorite apps. It also comes with its own ‘driving app’. With its easy to recognize buttons it's really convenient to use even while you're behind the wheel.


AppYourCar gives you direct control of all your favorite apps. It also comes with its own ‘driving app’. With its easy to recognize buttons it's really convenient to use even while you're behind the wheel.


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Antonius Dalezios

Antonius Dalezios


Top manager, nerd herder and nitpicker.

Alexander Velonias

Alexander Velonias


Natural born griller and financial genius.

Florian Willmitzer

Florian Willmitzer


Father to one, nerd to many.

Harald Dalezios

Harald Dalezios


Had the idea. Builds all the prototypes.

Florian Knittl

Florian Knittl


Marketing guru and jet setter.


Ben Sträßle

Video Production

Makes things look beautiful - very creative, too.

Some Fun Facts

3960 Hours spent
21 Prototypes created
18 People involved
591 Cups of Coffee


Hi everybody,

thanks so much for your patience while waiting for this update. We promise to release future updates in shorter intervals.

We have been very busy tinkering and considering various new ideas that would enhance AppYourCar with regard to convenience and functionality.

We are constantly conferring with our manufacturer who is able to give us helpful feedback on our ideas due to their massive experience.

In the course of these discussions, we managed to develop three major improvements.

  1. After having had tested various different joysticks, it turned out that none of them meet both our requirements regarding excellent user experience and the required maximum size in length. This is why we replace the joystick with four easy-to-use buttons that are going to take over the up, down, right and left function, centered around an (OK)-button. That way we can guarantee that you get the cool, slim design we want you to have on your steering wheel, while experiencing a great usability.
  2. We have also been testing different options regarding the controller’s energy source. After careful consideration, we decided to move on from storage batteries towards AAA batteries. The reason for this is that we came to the conclusion that the lifespan of a storage battery may be strongly affected by the potentially extreme changes in temperature in a parked car from more than 70°C in summer to way below 0°C in winter, depending on where exactly you are located. As this process naturally reduces the storage battery’s capacity, the recharge frequency would have to increase significantly over time, causing unwanted inconvenience for users and eventually, when the storage battery conks out, it would not make much sense to replace it with regard to the cost and effort.
  3. Therefore we are using now AAA batteries. They will last approx. a year, depending on your user behavior, and then all one has to do is replace the battery. And if you wish for a rechargeable solution, you of course can also use AAA storage batteries if you prefer. Sometimes the easiest solution is actually the best one :)

Hi everybody,

Time for an update :)

The past weeks since the last update we were busy on different fields: First of all we put focus on speeding up the process of getting AppYourCar with its new design on the assembly line, which is why we are constantly in close dialogue with our manufacturing partner. You’ll hear about this in more detail in our next update.

Today we would like to show you what else we are doing besides all the preparation work of getting the production running.

We were invited to two big events, which gave us the opportunity to present AppYourCar to potential investors, companies we might team-up with, but also the general audience.

The first event was the 5th Start Up Demo Night hosted by the BayStartUP network, supported among others by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics. More than 50 promising start-ups were given the opportunity to present themselves while the audience could try out the shown products.

To make AppYourCar more approachable and show people the advantages of our system first-hand, we installed our controller and mounting prototypes in a Renault Twizzy electro car so that everybody could try it out in a realistic environment. It was a huge success, our booth was the most frequented one and the general feedback of testers was: “Where can I buy it already?!”.

Here’s a picture of the AppYourCar booth:

The other event was called Business Excellence Day 2015, which the Employers’ Association for the Bavarian Metalworking and Electrical Industries – “bayme” and “vbm” - invited us to. The number of start-ups that were invited was a lot smaller, which in turn gave us the opportunity to get in closer dialogue with many interesting guests.

As the exhibition room did not allow us to put in a car, we decided to create a demo station to show everybody interested in it how AppYourCar works.

Check it out in this picture:

The feedback was again great and we believe to have established some very promising contacts that may help us grow and develop the future success of AppYourCar.

These events may not be connected directly with the production of your AppYourCar perks, but are part of ensuring and growing the success of our vision, which all of you made possible thanks to your contribution.

So thanks again for your support, guys!

Hi everybody,

We would like to give you an update on the progress we made during the last month.

First of all, we have great news!

In our effort to give to you the best product we could possibly produce, we managed to eventually find a joystick that has the required measures to include it in the AppYourCar controller. By thoroughly testing it in our lab, we made sure it does not only fulfill all technical requirements, but also meets our aspiration to grant excellent user experience.

We are very happy to have gone the extra mile, since we now can produce the controller exactly the way we were initially hoping for, with less buttons while maintaining the intuitive handling. As you see, we are dedicated to not settle for anything less than the best quality product possible for you.

Here are 3D rendered pictures based on the final model, which our manufacturing partner will use for the production to give you an idea what it is going to look like.

Please note that the rubber band will be cut off so it won’t stick out :)

As glad as we are to having mastered all technical pitfalls, the improved design took its toll with regard to the tooling schedule, which is why we set the expected delivery date to September.

We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this might cause you. We ourselves are both excited and more than impatient to receive the first shipments :)



Hi backers,

Here’s an update about what we have been busy with during the past weeks.

We were putting our focus clearly on getting the production ramped up. In order to make sure that the final product lives up to the high quality standards we set ourselves, we had our manufacturing partner send us all the components intended to use for the assembly of the controller.

In the course of these thorough testing procedures, we came across an issue with the joystick. From a technical point of view, it is working absolutely fine. However, we were missing the haptic feedback of a “click” feeling when going left, right, up or down.

This may seem like an unimportant feature at the first glance, but after having tested different prototypes in our own vehicles over months, we came to the conclusion that this haptic feedback of feeling the “click” reassures the user of actually having moved on the screen exactly where he/she wanted to go to.

In return, this reduces the need for the driver to look at the screen, which is a by no means negligible, huge contribution to safety.

Our manufacturing partner now uses a joystick that provides exactly this haptic feedback we were aiming for. On this picture, you can see the joystick we replaced on the right and the one you will be using in your controller on the left.

We are glad to have finished this huge step. Although quality testing is a time consuming procedure, we believe that it saves a significant amount of time to exclude potential error sources before going into production.

As next step we are going to sign the order contract and hope to receive soon the first production samples.

Thanks again for your ongoing support and if you like, spread the word to help us make our vision of a truly connected car solution for everybody become reality.



Hi backers,

We would like to give you a short update on what we were working on the past three weeks. As announced in the last update, we were negotiating with our production partner in China the contract for the tooling and mass production of the final product.

Apart from the typical liability clauses and many other terms, the contract entails a very detailed and specific description of the product and its functionality.

In that regard, the language barrier is a rather not that thrilling experience, as alterations have to be translated, processed from party A, sent back, translated again, be processed by party B and more often than one might think the game repeats itself again. As you can imagine, that is a time consuming, but obviously extremely important task, which needs to be carried out with the utmost care.

We can understand now how it is possible that even top global players like Apple or Samsung need to postpone their delivery dates from time to time or why they often do not mention any in the first place.

However, we are now finally about to sign the contract. Hooray! :)

As a next step, our production partner is going to send us a detailed schedule, which we will share with you in a soon-to-come next update, so you can see the plan for the last meters to the finishing line.

Of course there are plenty of other tasks our team is carrying out on a daily basis, but here is an exciting one:

As you may have seen on one of our social media pages, BayStartUP invited our CEO Antonius and our CRO Harald to speak at their summer fair. In the following pictures you can see them talking about AppYourCar and giving some insight on how we are producing our prototypes.

Thanks again to all of you for your support. We cannot tell you often enough how much we appreciate it :)



Hi backers,

Here is the update you have been waiting for so patiently.

We finally received the production schedule from our manufacturing partner in China. As you can see in the table below, they expect the production and final quality control to be finished by mid-February, which means the perks would arrive at your doorsteps in early March.

To our experience so far, one has to be careful regarding the reliability of such set schedules simply due to the unpredictability of certain steps during the production process. Bearing that in mind, we have included some buffer time in order for us to be sure about the achievability of this set timeframe.

We are very confident regarding the capabilities of our production partner to fulfill the planned goals regarding both quality and time. In the best-case scenario (everything goes smoothly, first production samples meet our high quality expectations right away, no bigger alterations, etc.), we might even be able to antedate the delivery date. We will keep you updated on how it goes :)

In other news, we managed to improve the quality of the smartphone controller further.

As you can see in the pictures below, we distanced ourselves from the previous solution which entailed a bottom and a top part. Instead, we now have a unibody for the casing. Using this approach, there is a single structure that is much stronger and less likely to ever break. In addition to that, it also simply feels better and more like high-quality. The design of the colored clasp changed slightly to make it hold on even better, but we abstained from gluing or screwing it to the unibody so you can easily clip on and off a clasp in a different colour if you choose to do so.

We also improved the design inside the controller. Our major goal was likewise here to increase the stability and therefore durability. In order to achieve that, we have the PCBs now resting on additional lands, while the unibody, battery compartment and back part are tightly fixed together with four screws instead of using glue.

Another point, which may be less important but eventually needed is the packaging.

As we are proud of the design and colors, the objective is to show the product fully and use the least amount of packaging material possible (less cost, waste, shipping, and shelf space). It is still a work in progress, but we already have a clear idea of what it will look like. We will keep you posted on that as well :)

It was a long run until this milestone, but we finally arrived. Contracts are signed, the design is completed and we have a fixed production schedule.

For us this is a huge step, even though our workload has not decreased yet as there is still plenty of work to do apart from the constant communication with our manufacturing partner.

We hope you are as glad as we are to finally have a fixed schedule regarding the production. We are going to keep you updated on the next steps and expect to show you soon some pictures of the first samples from our manufacturer.

Thanks a lot for your ongoing support, we would not have come that far without



Hi backers,

we would like to give you an update on what was happening during the past weeks, entailing some good and some less fortunate news.

To begin with the latter:

As you can probably imagine, the (indispensable) amount we collected during the crowdfunding campaign thanks to your contributions unfortunately only covered a small percentage of the cost it took to bring AppYourCar to its current stage of development.

Over the past year, we were looking for ways to secure the financial resources needed in order to finish the software development for all operating systems (Android and iOS) as well as the hardware of the controller and smartphone mounting.

We managed to make contact with a global player with the potential to be a perfect fit as both a financial and strategic partner.

While every single interlocutor we had contact with was enthusiastic about AppYourCar and negotiations were already well advanced, talks came to a hold.

After having invested an enormous amount of time and thousands of kilometers travelling, this is a quite surprising and disappointing turn of events. The reason for this remains nebulous so far.

Be it budget cuts of the responsible department or sth. else, for the AppYourCar team this means a set-back in terms of resources needed now to continue our ambitious plans.

Of course we are going to continue with our work to bring AppYourCar into your cars. However, we had to make a decision how to allocate the existing funds to the different parts of the project.

We came to the conclusion that we are going to give priority to the development of the Android software/application as this represents the vast majority of our backers. The iOS version will be postponed approx. to July this year.

Regarding the hardware, we are going to have to postpone the delivery of the smartphone mounting. An accurate estimate of the delivery date will be possible once we accomplished the roll-out of the AppYourCar controller on the market.

The good news for those of you who ordered the AppYourCar mounting is that we are going to deliver you a basic smartphone mounting in order to bridge the time – without any additional cost for you.

It does not include all the advanced features of our mounting, but provides a safe grip and an adjustable orientation of your smartphone.

Regarding the design of the AppYourCar mounting we decided to go with the alternative one we presented to you in a previous update.

One of the main reasons why we turned away from the original magnetic mounting is the fact that according to our tests with a large number of smartphones, some (e.g. the Nexus5) turn off their screens as the magnetic field tricks them into thinking that there is a head-cover.

So in order to provide a universal solution for any smartphone, we want to use a design similar to this:

It provides a couple of key advantages over the original design:

  • Almost any screen size fits
  • The wireless charging point is always centered in the middle of your smartphone/tablet 360° screen rotation/orientation
  • Camera related functions can be used as the lens is not covered anymore, which makes it possible to include e.g. dashboard camera/recording function in our app
  • Overall smaller footprint when your smartphone isn’t attached to the mounting
  • No magnets that make some phones/tablets turn off their screens
  • In other news, the Chinese New Year came to an end and we received more hand-models from our manufacturing partner, which were supposed to be the last samples before going into production.

    In our tests however, we quickly discovered that the joystick is not working properly as (among other reasons) the surrounding hull leaves it too little space to move the way it should.

    Additionally, the joystick had been assembled in a wrong angle.

    After having wondered how it is possible that they are sending us these hand-models obviously without testing them once, we went back to the drawing board to fix the issue. Although causing quite a headache, we succeeded in finding a viable solution that reduced the necessary changes to a minimum.

    Nevertheless, this means we have to repeat the cycle again: getting the CAD model changed, another hand model build and send to us, and then we have to test it again to see if it works exactly the way we intended.

    This procedure throws us back more than a month in our planning, which is why we set the estimated date of delivery for the controller to the end of April.

    We are sorry for the delay and hope it won’t cause you any inconvenience. We ourselves are at times frustrated about the difficulties we encountered so far, but are very confident that the final product will meet the high quality standards we set ourselves when starting this campaign.



    Dear backers,

    we would like to give you the announced update.

    Our manufacturing partner produced the injection molds and sent us some pictures of them:

    You can recognize the different parts of the controller, brooch and steering wheel clasp. The molds are not yet ready to be used for the production, as each single mold still needs to be polished carefully to achieve the desired texture of the surface and level potential irregularities.

    That process is supposed to be finished by the beginning of next week (as there is another Chinese holiday this week). Subsequently, they are going to produce a couple of sample units, which they are going to send us next week. As soon as we give our blessing regarding the quality of the received samples, the manufacturer will begin with the production of the controllers. The timeframe for the mass production cycle we agreed on with the manufacturer are a maximum of 20 working days.

    Including the shipping time our logistics partners are going to take to deliver the perks to your house door and assuming the manufacturer will need the entire timespan of 20 working days, we believe that mid-August will be a realistic date with a generous buffer time.

    In other news, the feedback of the beta test was quite encouraging. In order to make the waiting time a little more bearable and in order to share the app with all of you , we decided to advance the closed beta test to an open beta test in the Android Playstore. That way, you can already try out some of the features in your car that work even without the controller and help us improve the app even further in case you might find a bug. We will let you know as soon as you can download it!

    In our next and soon to come update we will show you pictures of the sample units.

    Thanks for your support and again a big thank you to all beta testers!

    Have a great week!



    Dear backers,

    we would like to give you the announced update.

    We received the first samples of the Controller made by injection molding:

    So far the quality is very good and you can feel and see the difference between the handmade and 3D printed models clearly.

    Right now we are discussing with our manufacturing partner proper surface treatments for the plastic surfaces. The samples we are showing here are straight out of the injection molding process and hence the surfaces are bare, non-treated.

    With treatment the surfaces will become much smoother to the touch and also will look even better visually.

    Since the quality of the injection molding process is that good, we were planning to start the final development cycle.

    But ... sadly another problem came up: We had to create and order a new kind of joystick to fit into our model. The joystick manufacturer created a few samples of this new type of joystick which could in no way live up to the quality of his previous models we tested. On Saturday we are going to get a new batch of samples and hopefully the joystick manufacturer is going to be able to fix the problem.

    In short, the problem was that the joystick itself was very loose. This surprised us a lot, since all previous models had no looseness what so ever.

    If the new batch of joystick samples meets our standards we can finish the injection molding development and create the first batch of production ready units.

    After that the actual production won’t take too long :)

    Have a great weekend!



    Dear backers,

    time for another small update!

    It took us a little bit longer than usual as we had to go through an unexpectedly complicated process to get hold of a joystick that would not cause the sensation of being “shaky” while not reacting too sensitive or too little when pressing it.

    After a series of trial end error testing in collaboration with our production partner and a number of potential suppliers, we identified the joystick we are content with.

    Now it is our manufacturing partner’s turn to produce a production sample (using already the original injection mold) and send it to us. That is going to take between one and two weeks. As we were already able to approve of the case and the joystick itself, we expect this to be a mere formality and plan to start mass production right after that final quality check.

    Of course we will keep you updated and post a couple of pictures of the production sample as soon as we receive it.

    Have a great week!



    Dear friends,

    As announced in our last update in December, we informed the Chinese manufacturing partner of their last chance to fulfill the contract and produce the controller with the simpler alternative of a D-pad instead of a joystick (all due to their inability to provide a viable solution with the latter).

    Unfortunately, they refused to carry out this change, unless we would be willing to pay another 5-digit amount in Euros. That is no option since our funds are fully depleted. More importantly, we also have no confidence in the reliability of this manufacturer to deliver a high-quality product we could actually send to you and potential retail partners after this additional payment.

    Therefore it is with great regret that we have to officially terminate the AppYourCar project.

    We are honestly crushed to the core by this hard to accept reality, since we all worked hard to make this vision come true and invested a lot of energy, time and resources in it.

    We achieved step by step one goal after another in the development stage, founded a company, created numerous (working!) prototypes, which became smaller and smaller with each development stage. We fully developed an Android smartphone application (and 70% of the iOS version) and successfully completed a beta test run in which many backers participated. We also took part in several start-up fairs and exhibitions, received consistently positive reactions from people that tried out the prototypes. A number of well-known companies showed strong interest in AppYourCar as well, waiting for us to finally send them samples. A major global telecommunications provider even invited us to pitch them in their headquarters, they were very fond of it but eventually also needed to see the final, shelve-ready product before proceeding.

    To have reached so many steps already but nevertheless having to stop is painful for the entire AppYourCar team. We are devastated that we were not able to finish the project and create a product ready for distribution. And of course we are also sorry for all of you who took the risk of supporting us not only with your contributions, but also with your on-going support.

    We also would like to give you an array of the funds and resources we invested in AppYourCar:

    Liquid Funds: total of €103,000.

    • obtained from crowdfunding: €33,000
    • obtained from founders: €70,000

    We chose to share that information with you because we a) consider all of you as a part of the team and you therefore deserve to know these figures and b) we want you to know that at no point of time we were in this project in order to make a quick buck. Each member of the team invested substantial amounts of their private funds in AppYourCar and during the past years additionally huge parts of the individual work and spare time. The goal was always to build up a sustainable business that embodies our vision of the “connected car for everybody”.

    We apologize for not having reached this goal. If any of you should not feel comfortable with the decision to terminate AppYourCar despite the mentioned points above, please feel free to contact us to share your objection at until January 31th 2017 (after this date, emails will most likely not be answered any more).

    The only thing left to say for us is: Thank you all for your help, participation and support in this endeavor. Even though we may not have succeeded in this project, we would like to encourage you to not abandon the amazing idea of crowdfunding. It is the spirit of crowdfunding that makes great ideas come true which otherwise would never come to life and they need bold backers like you.


    Your AppYourCar Team


    • Is AppYourCar legal?

      YES. We did extensive research in that regard and are certain that AppYourCar is legal according to current laws and regulations.
      AppYourCar's basic mode of function is in no way different than any other legal automobile on-board system: Giving you a controller, a display (= your smartphone) and a way to browse and select infotainment related data while driving.

    • Why do you call AppYourCar an 'infotainment system' and what exactly are those?

      Infotainment systems are usually on-board systems consisting of different categories like communication, media and navigation. AppYourCar naturally excels in those categories because your smartphone is way more advanced than any on-board system and has those functions down easily.

    • Why is AppYourCar so much better than all the other (high end) infotainment systems?

      Your smartphones genius shines where other infotainment systems stop: Read notifications from your social media apps, check your calendar, read short messages from any messaging service, get traffic and weather forecasts, leave voice messages to your contacts or even to yourself as a reminder service...
      AppYourCar turns your smartphone into the most advanced on-board system the world has ever seen. Why? Simply because your smartphone is just such an amazingly powerful device!

    • But isn't it dangerous to use your smartphone extensively while driving?

      Yes, indeed! That is why AppYourCar does NOT provide you with a way to miss use your smartphone while driving.
      AppYourCar was built with safety in mind. It gives you access and a way to browse and read important but small amounts of data when you need it.

    • So, what CAN you do with AppYourCar?

      AppYourCar is for reading, browsing and selecting small amounts of data from all kinds of apps which improve your driving experience.
      For example:

      • Safely choose whatever song you like to listen to from all the music on your smartphone.
      • Checking your calendar appointments for a time and date or an address. It's no more complex or complicated than scrolling through a list of radio stations.
      • Easily access voice command apps for complicated inputs like an address.
      • Use the text-to-speech function to have your phone read your short messages out loud.
      • Dictate a short message with the help of your smartphones speech-to-text functionality.
      • ... and so much more ...
    • And what exactly CAN'T you do with AppYourCar?

      The system is not designed to simply entertain or even worse distract you from driving.
      AppYourCar does NOT support:

      • Writing an email while driving. AppYourCar has no keyboard or anything similar.
        It is built to let you read, browse and select small amounts of data only. You will be amazed how much your smartphone can offer you in this regard alone!
      • Play a video game or something equally idiotic!
        AppYourCar is NOT a gamepad. Think of it as a small remote control for your smartphone sitting snugly on your steering wheel and giving you access to what really can improve your driving experience.
    • Why is AppYourCar by far the safest 'infotainment system' on the market?

      AppYourCar's system utilizes the power of your smartphone and combines it with an easy and safe way for you to use while driving.
      It is safe, because:

      • You are in constant control of the vehicle. You never have to take your hands of the steering wheel!
        The AppYourCar Controller fits perfectly on almost any steering wheel. You have direct control of your phones apps with just the use of your thumb and fingers. And with it's smart design, it also doesn't constrict the use of the steering wheel in any way.
      • You can keep your eyes where they belong: On the road.
        The AppYourCar Mounting can be positioned on the dashboard of your car. With the display of your phone sitting above the steering wheel, almost at eye level, the system is very close to the sensation of a HUD (HeadUp Display). At the same time your smartphone is NOT obstructing your view of the street since it is not mounted directly on to the windshield.
      • There is no more unnecessary distraction due to complicated and uncomfortable infotainment systems build into your car.
        After all, there are not many 'computer systems' you know so well as your own smartphone, are there?
    • What kind of smartphones does AppYourCar support?

      AppYourCar works with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

    • What Android Versions are known to work with AppYourCar?

      The system was developed for Android Version 4.0 and higher.
      It is known to work with Android Versions as low as 2.3, but some functions will not be working perfectly. If you are interested in more information please contact us directly:

    • Which iOS Version are supported by AppYourCar?

      The system was developed for iOS Version 7.0.x and higher.
      It is known to work with lower Versions as well, but some functions may not be working perfectly. If you are interested in more information please contact us directly:

    • Which iOS Apps are supported by AppYourCar?

      All iOS Apps are supported by AppYourCar.

    • What are the technical specs of the Wireless Bluetooth Controller?

      • Size: 66 x 30 x 26 mm. (without the mounting brackets.)
      • Connectivity: Connects via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet.
      • Charge over USB: No battery hassles.
      • One charge keeps the Controller running for up to 6 months easily. (Based on typical user experience. Your results may vary.)
      • Ultra-portable: The super-small design fits snugly on almost any steering wheel.
      • Illumination for easy driving at night.
    • And what are the different buttons on the Controller for?

      • Up, Down, Left and Right: Menu and list navigation.
        Single Press: Select.

      • Single Press: Play/Pause the music player.
        Long Press: Answer an incoming call.

      • Single Press: Back.
        Long Press: End an active call.

      • Single Press: Open the communication category of the AppYourCar Mobile App.
        (No matter whatever third party app is in the foreground at the moment.)

      • Single Press: Open the media category of the AppYourCar Mobile App.
        (No matter whatever third party app is in the foreground at the moment.)

      • Single Press: Open the navigation category of the AppYourCar Mobile App.
        (No matter whatever third party app is in the foreground at the moment.)
    • What are the technical specs of the Wireless Dashboard Mounting?

      • Size: 135 x 70 x 12 mm. (without the suction cup.)
      • Connectivity: Connects via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet. (If your car is not equipped with its own hands-free bluetooth connection.)
      • Audio and music streaming: The mounting can be plugged into your radios 3.5mm audio jack.
      • Wireless charging: If your smartphone supports wireless charging the mounting recharges your phone wirelessly.
      • Wired charging: If your smartphone does not support wireless charging just plug the micro usb cable into the mounting and then into your phone.
      • Secure contact: Your smartphone is kept in its place by two powerful neodin magnets. (Magnets do not harm your phones function in any way.)
      • Ultra-portable: Installing the mounting takes about a second.
      • Less cables, less hassle: The only cables you need are plugged into the mounting at the back. (With their extra long reach you can guide them along the windshield down to your cars 12 V power outlet.)
    • What does the AppYourCar Mobile App do?

      The innovative Mobile App was designed to provide you with fast access to those apps and functions you want to use most frequently. It is divided into three categories: Communication, Media and Navigation.

      • Fast access: Use any of the three category screens to quickly start any third party app you like.
      • Designed for driving: The app was specifically designed to be used while driving. With its easy recognizable and bigger buttons its is really easy to use even while you're behind the wheel.
      • Communication: The Mobile App provides you with a list of your contacts and short messages. Call any of your friends or read any short message directly in the app.
      • Media: Use the apps own music player to listen to all the music on your smartphone.
      • Navigation: The Mobile App provides you with an address database (based on OSM data) and a way to put in, save or use any address for navigation.
    • Can the Mobile App be personalized?

      Yes, of course. You can configure and adapt each category to your individual liking.

      • Select any third party app and put it on any of the three category screens for faster access.
      • Organize and sort the three category screens to your individual liking.
      • Use the AppYourCar Mobile App as your personal driving homescreen.


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      Antonius Dalezios, Alexander Velonias
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